Race in the Media



The eighth Fake News Poetry Workshop occurred on May 5, 2018, in Brooklyn NY, led by Chet'la Sebree and Margaret Rhee working with ten or so poets who had responded to an open call distributed through various poetry networks. The focus was "Race in the Media," allowing us to look and write with care on "representations of Black and Asian Americans in the media and questions of justice, solidarity, and poetics." See their blog post for 10 Tries, 100 Poems blog post. Many of us would meet again to continue the conversation in a connected video-poetry workshop in New Haven, CT. Our NYC workshop was one of two sessions where the teacher/poets were granted a deserved if small stipend for their work, supported by Poets & Writers. Otherwise, the project works largely unfunded, and through the genorosity of hosts, teachers, participants, as well as a linked hunger of participants to engage, interact, and speak truth (about social media and more) to power as poetry.