Occidental College



The second and ninth Fake News Poetry Workshops occurred on March 5, 2018 and May 13, 2018, respectively, at Occidental College's Center for Digital Media Arts, under the helm of Chris Gilman and Craig Dietrich: committed project supporters who donated time, staff, space, and digital resources. On March 5, we used their awesome space to stage a multi-media event where three of the Get Lit Players performed their poems live, the Global Crossroads Wall was programmed to display the #100hardtruths and six commissioned poems re-written for its screens, and a 360 degree video of the earlier workshop was screened. Xio and Aneesah wrote up that moving and rather spectacular event here in their 10 Tries, 100 Poems blog post. In May, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson led an intimate workshop in this space loosely affiliated with the Feminist Poetics, Emergent Pedagogies Symposium at which we both presented. Her "Cartographies of Erasure workshop"—embodied, somatic, intense—left only an invite or two as trace. Lynne, along with Adrian Silbernagle, at the Operating System, also supported the project by housing, developing, and hosting our "10 Tries, 100 Poems" record on their Field Notes.