Script 1: Arnhem
By Penelope, Lučia, Dieter, Maria and Daniel

Penelope, a forester: has fake authority by telling campers she’s a forester.
This induces feeling of happy bubbliness + anxiety.

Maria: her friend

Nigel: Lover 1

Johnny: Lover 2


Nigel and Johnny are having a romantic night at the beach having a fire and someone comes to tell them that they have to put out the fire.
This induces feelings of excessive apology + awkwardness.

Script, Arnhem 2
By Eryfili Drakopoulou, Ella Tighe, Foivi Psevdou, Sofia Kondylia, Oluwaseun Samuel Olayiwola

Greek Woman
Greek-American Woman
People in Line

Greek woman in her 20s is trying to figure out bureaucratic issues in a public service. Because she doesn’t speak the language well and she has only been in the US for a week, she is taking a lot of time. Greek-American woman in her 50s who is also waiting for the public services is getting angry at the young one and starts shouting at her in English, blaming her for making everyone late exactly because she is immigrant. As soon as she realizes that the young woman is also Greek, she changes her behavior completely and hugs her and talks to her as if she is her child.