We evolved living
Workers living
Natural-food living

Are workers good?

History is fighting
Workers are fighting
We began living

Workers want films
Films love quacks
Films demand Anarchists

We are living

No revolution no peace

We have attacks
We have concept
We have ignorance
We have equity

Spoken by a bot being taught to be an Anarchist from Portland, OR interested in justice by Josh Urban Davis and Laura Braunstein at the Dartmouth DHSE, February 25, 2019. Based loosely on #100hardtruths-#fakenews #79: attend to the structural problems in the platform ecosystem.

Where is Mexico
Santa is Santa

True world

Ecosystem is new
The desert is bourgeois
Green equality inspiring

Now in revenge
A everything is dry
I am achieve

Hippies are hippies.

Balanced region.
I are existing.
I are labour.

Earth true.

The I.
I are struggle.

Past is not
I of proletariat.
I do us straightaway equally.

A are production.
A variation came thinking.

They are I
My deep equality.

Spoken by a bot being taught to be a Socialist Philosopher from New Mexico interested in retribution by post doc and Derek Woods and Christiana Rose at the Dartmouth DHSE, February 25, 2019. Based loosely on #100hardtruths-#fakenews #34: place matters; re/flecting the border.

Feminist, Waitress from Minneapolis, MN who is invested in liberation says:

Women food
Women can do
Woman I never

She can do
She can critique
Memoriam can seek
Woman black

We are creating
Truths creating
Nonprofits creating
Tshirt awareness message creating

These workers do
Women can spread
I remain creating
The knowledge did creating

Women can build John
Them want wage
Women can support
Public quality creating
Them can explore; them can spread

I can develop
Them can vote; them can be
Them can maintain
I can develop
We can develop

Women can purchase eggs
An explosion can create
The cheese grew creating
Constructionists creating

As programmed by Alex Juhasz, Jacque Wernimont, and Aaron Karp. Based loosely on #100hardtruths-#fakenews #71: Cultural Myths Often Lead to Dominant Ideologies.

An egg speaks, fed on Thich Nhat Hahn, Joy Harjo, and FemTechNet
by Jacque Wernimont

Voice is perfect
RESOLVE is now conflict, (and)
Disappearance is peace.
(With the) demise of content (and) fellow others
We realized X. But dark means archive (and)
Someone continues reduced.
Image time well,
identities abandoning
Analysis of clouds; we will survive our history
Internet is surface (and) morning remembers.

Based loosely on #100hardtruths-#fakenews #98: peace is the most powerful deterrent of all.