St. Louis was my sunrise.
The horizon and I by ourselves.

I met my match mid-twirl.
For a moment, time stood still in Central Park.

Puerto Rico, where life's greatest gift was given
and taken too soon.

We built our life in Brooklyn.
Now I live alone.

My existence remains for others.

By Nina Daro, Mahalia Hughes-Roussel, and Allison Rapp.
Based on #100hardtruth #92, our oral histories, our oral stories are our truth which itself was penned by Media Anthropologist Faye Ginsburg and was based on the work of First Nations artist and storyteller Amanda Strong.

Experimental Escape Routes Needed: One Block

Muriel Rukeyser tells us: “Poetry can extend the document.”
How does one document a neighborhood? What kind of poetics are required?
Neighborhoods occur at different scales:
The house, the stoop, the street, the quarter.
Where I live, life is block by block.
The block is a container
The block is a party
The block is a conflict
The block is a city
The block is an outrage
The block is a safehouse
The block is a trap
The block is being undone
The block is being rebuilt
The block is mine
The block is theirs
The block is filthy
The block is a history
The block is this tree, this stone, this door, this flag, this poem.

By Joseph Entin
Based on #100hardtruths #92, our oral histories, our oral stories are our truth and also #22 experimental escape routes needed which was based on the program, Disruptive Film, programmed by Sherry Millner and Ernest Larsen at Anthology Film Archives. Joseph turned his own poem into a video, viewable in "Media," to the left.