Hurt stress

(A poem created by participants reading words, in a circle, for their thoughts and reponses to fake news and ... a feeling, a technology, a feeling, and a site where they experience these on their bodies.)

Hurt stress.
Psychotic stress
Overwhelmed addicted planet.
Cellphone, phone, cellphone plug.
Cellphone, ipod, email, iphone, cellphone.
Robotic rich blurriness.
Expansive failure.
Distracted attacked
Another life.
Brain heart eyes mind
Stomach neck
Above my eyes

A loose response to #100hardtruths-#fakenews #18: "a cultural change about how we make sense of information required."

Confidence, anxiety, alienated.

(A poem created by participants listing words for their thoughts and reponses to fake news and ...a feeling, something to change, a technology, and a site on their own body where they feel this)

Stomach neck
Confidence, anxiety, alienated.
Stomach neck
Insecure excited
Stomach neck
Anxiety depressed.
Stomach neck
Depressed annoyed.
Insecure anxiety.
Getaway stress.
Confused targeted.
Less judgment.
More connected
More acceptance
Less sensitive the world.
The world.
The government.
More free peace.
I hope I can speak more.
Understand each other better.
I just want everyone to be successful.
To move beyond the easy place.
Better listening.
All humans enjoy respect.
To make the world better for everyone.
Happiness and peace.
Free speech.
Snapchat. Instagram and snapchat.
Cellphone. Instagram. My laptop.
Instagram Facebook
Youtube. Youtube.
Wii chat Wii chat snapchat.
Playstation 4. Laptop.
Cellphone phone all of those
My surrounding
Mouth feelings eyes.
Stomach stomach
Brain heart forehead
Ears eyes brain
Heart hands wrist
My throat
My head my heart
My liver

A loose response to one of the eight foundational truths about the internet from #100hardtruths-#fakenews, #7: "skeptical interaction with the digital is critical for democracy."

No News is Good News

By Kai Mora

I had my face pressed up so hard
against the glass
my nose spread across my face
like wings
I was trying catch a glimpse
of a dead body on the newsroom floor
the one from this morning
or perhaps the one from the day before
Couldn’t find one tho’
Somehow no news is good news
They said
“You won’t find it there
only by the candle light vigil
adjacent to the corner store
by way of the shrieking mother”
then I started thinking
about how the rotting flesh would stink up the place
and maybe one of them would vomit on live T.V.
like any other day
I asked the mother if that’s what she wanted
She replied,
“No news has ever been good news”
Not here, I thought
especially not here
I turned on the radio
hoping to escape on the radio waves
listen to a story or two
instead I heard the ramblings of an indignant man
What a lousy host
Is no news good news?
I called in immediately
got put on hold
so I counted all the money I had in my pocket
he answered and I said
“I have 22 dollars
and I’ll give you each one
to stop all that damn
That day I found out
That no news really is good news

A response to #100hardtruths-#fakenews #57: "Most Americans may conclude he’s a fake president," which are words written by the editorial staff of the Wall Street Journal in “A President’s Credibility."
A Video-Poem was adapted from this poem at the New Haven Workshop and can be found in New Work

Imitation of Muriel Rukeyser’s Poem

Poem (I want to live in those good old days)

by Claudia Natasha

I want to live in those good old days,
As soon as I leave home I begin wondering again, why,
People wander around not looking like themselves.
They go online and look up how to not look like themselves
While the other halves creating the guides for the unseen.
I would come back home and the story is no different;
Ladies masks their faces for invalid reasons.
Recently I threw away those pencils and crayons,
Make my statement for future gentlewomen.
Oh, how I wish their time will be none like this,
Powerful, undeniable from the inside out,
Accepted as they are, professionalism redefined.
The sun has fallen, masquerade ball has arisen,
We are sitting wondering when the sun will rise again,
To return inner-peace, to restore love, to reunite
Herself with herself, beauty with purity,
The world with the truth. We still long for that revival
To wake the broken, to break the limitation
To challenge the unknown, to show.
I want to live in those good old days.

A response to #100hardtruths-#fakenews #28: "face(book?) is best for people with pale skin," which relies on the research of Jonathan Albright, whose “Smart.Dumb AI-Powered ‘Fake News’ Search Suggestions,” follows the search crumbs to some pretty powerful hardtruths.