"I'm unaware" by Archita Arun. Based loosely on #100hardtruth #46 stay aware, not afraid.

"A picture that will never tell my story," by Aodhan Gallagher, based loosely on #100hardtruth #47 good design and software mask bad credibility which was rooted in ideas from “Facebook and Google make lies as pretty as truth: how AMP and instant articles camoflauge fake news” by Kyle Chayka. This image-poem was interpreted into a poem and a video poem of the same name at the New Utrecht High Workshops.

"The Beauty of Weirdos. Your Human Hope," by Barbara Browning, inspired by a poem of the same name written at the Toronto Workshop and connecting loosely to 100hardtruths #98 "peace is the most powerful deterrent of all."

A cut-up sound-piece made and performed by Fabian Anthony Luna and Christiana Vivienne from two poems written at the Get Lit Workshop: "On Suicide Notes in Place of Passports" and "the go fund mes never end." Videos of both of these poems were made at a second workshop with the Get Lit Players and can be viewed in Video Poems and Writing. This poem speaks loosely, albeit perhaps in counter-distinction to #100hardtruths #13 "conservatism trends toward performance art," which itself refers to a New York Times article about Milo Yiannopoulos, asking whether conservatives are adopting strategies and tactics once the provenance of poets and performers, like those at NYU.