Fake News Poetry Workshops as radical digital media literacy given the #100hardtruths of Fake News.
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  • "My Phones Lies to Me," by James, Shamine, and Marcela, was first written as a poem and then later made into this video-poem at New Utrecht High, Brooklyn, NY in May 2019. Inspired by #100hardtruth #1 the real internet is a fake, it also engages with Sam Soloman's poem, Phone Get in the Sea written at a fake news poetry workshop in Sussex, England, itself a response to #100hardtruths #94, Always Look for the Real Thing, written by Danielle Jackson, the co-founder of the Bronx Documentary Center and founder of Culture Culture.

  • "The Beauty of Weirdos. Your Human Hope," a song written and performed by Barbara Browning in April 2019 at the NYU Workshop was inspired by a fragment of the same name written a year earlier at the Toronto Workshop by project founder, Alexandra Juhasz.