Get Lit




The sixth Fake News Poetry Workshop occurred on March 3, 2018, led by Kelly Grace Thomas working with fifteen or so Get Lit Players: "an award-winning youth poetry troupe and the most watched poets on the internet." Working poets all, their free-writes led to stunning truths about all things fake after their deep read of internet culture. Kelly writes: "The weight of not only the Internet, but our connection and dependency on it was palpable." Read more at her 10 Tries, 100 Poems blog post. This workshop was a collaborative effort with Occidental College's Center for Digital Liberal Arts. Their support enabled students and staff—Ash Tessier, Xiomara Rodriguez and Aneesah Ettress—to document our process with a range of media, the only session that enjoyed this luxury (see "Media" to the left). The twelfth workshop also occurred at Get Lit on October 13, 2018, a return in the new format of a Video-Poetry workshop—led by Marcus James and Hanna Harris—where we (re)visited three poems written at the previous session (see "Poems") to reinterpret them as videos. Two new videos (see 17 Video Poems") were collaboratively made, and edited by Danny Nguyen, in a few short hours, by ten or so poets most of them new to this material. We moved precious things carefully and with attention across formats and time: an anti-meme effort keen on establishing a better flow of internet things, from person to person, truth to new truth.