New Utrecht High




Two fake news poetry-video workshops took place at New Utrecht High School in Brooklyn, NY on May 7 and 9, 2019. The twenty or so student participants are part of an after school arts program at their school run by the Brooklyn College Community Partnership (BCCP). Their teachers, Rachel Garbus and Jeremy Goren, and Brooklyn College intern, Robert Rabin, worked with the group to re-interpret several poems that had been written at earlier sessions by people from different communities, and then in our second session to re-interpret those re-interpretations as videos. The students emailed their sounds, still and moving images, voices reading poems, and music to our editor, Matthew Hittle. Three videos and four poems were the result of all this work and thought (see Media and Poems to the left). These strong efforts validate the project's core commitments to local and collaborative knowledge production as well as the communal care of precious shared art objects. We show that embodied methods to move, comment, like, share, debate and spread truths can be intelligent, beautiful and kind.