New Haven




The second Fake News Video-Poetry Workshop occurred on November 3, 2018, at the home of Claudia Rankine and John Lucas (who also volunteered to work as editor for our videos--a critical contribution to their power and beauty. You can find them under "Media" to the left, as well as the poems they honor and re-render under "Poems"). Building from the work--concept-growing, community-building, and art-making--started six months earlier at the "Race in the Media Workshop" held in Brooklyn, returning participants traveled to New Haven along with new participants and some others from various earlier workshops. We began our day together thinking about race and fake media. Then, we re-visited four poems written at other times and in different places that themselves had attended to similar concerns. Professional artists and intellectuals peppered this workshop, and their vital expertise shows in the videos. However, the project celebrates process over product; that is, radical digital media literacy as a lived, communal engagement with fake news and internet truths. The website holds some of what was made along the way including five new video-poems available under "Media" to the left.