Get Lit




The sixth Fake News Poetry Workshop occurred on March 3, 2018, led by Kelly Grace Thomas working with fifteen or so Get Lit Players: "an award-winning youth poetry troupe and the most watched poets on the internet." Working poets all, their free-writes led to stunning truths about all things fake after their deep read of internet culture. Kelly writes: "The weight of not only the Internet, but our connection and dependency on it was palpable." Read more at her 10 Tries, 100 Poems blog post. This workshop was a collaborative effort with Occidental College's Center for Digital Liberal Arts. Their support enabled students and staff—Ash Tessier, Xiomara Rodriguez and Aneesah Ettress—to document our process with a range of media, the only session that enjoyed this luxury (see "Media" to the left). The twelfth workshop also occurred at Get Lit on October 13, 2018, a return in the form of a Video-Poetry workshop—-led by Marcus James and Hanna Harris-—where we (re)visited three poems written at the previous session (see "Poems"). 2 videos (see "Media) were collaboratively made, in a few short hours, by 10 or so poets. We moved precious things carefully and with attention across formats: an anti-meme effort keen on establishing a better flow of internet things, from person to person, truth to new truth.