Digital Engagement




The tenth Fake News Poetry Workshop occurred on May 18, 2018, in Manhattan NY, led by Orr Menirom at a media conference held in NYC: DIGITAL engAGEment: Media. Literate. #activist. I had met Orr at the first workshop, where she was a participant, presenting at the conference on her own art work at the intersection of language, image, and politics. Working with fifteen or so scholars and media activists, and connecting to an "evidentiary realist logic" named in the #100hardtruths-#fakenews online primer #25, Orr worked to create a sort of “digital Rorschach test” to help participants comprehend and combat the influence of Fake News culture on their cognitive and perceptual practices. See her blog post for 10 Tries, 100 Poems blog post. The project connects artists and teachers in and between workshops. For instance, Orr and Kyle Booten (who led Workshop 1) have together led two Fake News poetry workshop during Spring 2019 based on algorithmic literacy and AI poetry.