The first Fake News Poetry Workshop occurred on February 15, 2018, over lunch at the Ammerman Center 16th Biennial Symposium on Arts & Technology. It was led by Kyle Booten and attended by 8 artists, archivists, and scholars. Kyle was interested in "poetry as a particular kind of psychotechnology — a collection of algorithms of attention made up of more or less precise instructions." We composed poetry algorithms and from these, later, some poems were made. You can read more at his 10 Tries, 100 Poems blog post. You can peruse poems, media, and ephemera that were generated at this Workshop to the left. Kyle went on to collbobrate with one of the participants we met at this worshop, the video artist Orr Menirom, on two more workshops devoted to digital media literacy about AI. Orr also led her own workshop making fakenews poems by using exquisite corpse techniques. Each workshop is listed on the site's landing page with its particular poems, media, and ephemera collected therein.